October 18th, 2013


Fanfiction: Lionhearts

Title: Lionhearts
Author: snarkysweetness
Rating: PG
Pairing: Aurora/Mulan/Phillip
Summary: Not all love stories are conventional and sometimes you can find true love with more than one person.
Warnings: If you hate cuteness then do not enter.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author’s Notes: I don’t even watch this stupid show anymore but I needed to fix the Aurora and Mulan scene since Adam and Eddy wouldn’t know how to write a good storyline if it bit them in the tuchas. I’m re-writing what I saw in gifsets and based on my friends yelling, so it will be a little different. I dedicate this to The Babes who know it’s all about the triads, but more specifically Kristen because I enjoy making her weep.

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